Database Management SystemsEducation Management Information System (EMIS)

The EMIS (Education Management Information System) department of the Ministry of Education and Training is responsible for the promotion and use of information within the Ministry for policy planning, planning and implementation, decision making, monitoring and evaluation of the sector.


  • Relying on manual systems to track progress of multiple Programs/Projects was a big challenge.
  • Manually collecting field data, analyzing the data manually, storing it and generating management reports was tedious and prone to many errors.
  • Manually monitoring and evaluating Cross-Cutting issues, i.e. the Care and Support to Teaching and Learning under EU funded NETIP was another challenge faced by the EMIS department
  • Lack of accurate, reliable and timely data on school committees in the country.


eWorld Technology developed Database Management Systems for the Education Management Information System (EMIS) department including

  • Monitoring & Evaluation Database system
  • School Committee Database system


The Database system solutions developed for the ministry of education achieved the following:

  • Electronic questionnaire that automates survey data capturing.
  • Database system to record, store all information for the National Education and Training Improvement Programme (NETIP)
  • A system to Monitor and evaluate key indicators on the National Education and Training Improvement Programme (NETIP) results framework.
  • A system that easily generates automated and customized management reports.
  • Easily access information on all School Committees in Swaziland schools.
  • Various Databases for the EMIS department migrated & securely stored in one central EMIS server.
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