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Some of our clients, Small holder sugarcane farms located in the Lubombo and Hhohho regions of Eswatini, commercially grow sugarcane to supply to RSSC sugar mills. They have on average 300 ha of land under production with outputs of up-to 50 000 tonnes of cane.


The farms face a challenge when it comes to processing payroll for their over 50 employees, who are seasonal, permanent and on contract. Due to lack of a computerized payroll system, they are forced to do payroll processing completely by hand. Time cards, wages and payroll tax computations; wage garnishments; and voluntary deductions are done manually. Furthermore, paychecks and pay stubs are handwritten or printed on a typewriter. The problem for this system is its high room for error and very time-consuming. Also erroneous tax withholding, reporting and payments occur resulting in penalties from government tax agency.


EWorld Technology implemented Quickbooks Payroll Management system for the farms. The system creates paychecks, calculates payroll taxes, sends direct deposits and also prepares and files government tax forms.


The farms were able to see immediate benefits of implementing Quickbooks payroll system

  • They can run payroll and calculate payroll taxes correctly within a click of button
  • They are now able to automatically calculate payroll taxes every time they run payroll.
  • They can add different types of pay–like overtime, vacation, and sick pay–to employees’ pay cheques.
  • Prepare and file records of employment when an employee leaves.
  • Print pay cheques on pre-printed cheque stock—right from QuickBooks.
  • Automatically file & pay taxes – Calculate, track, and remit workers’ compensation.
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