School Management SystemEswatini Schools (Primary, High, College)


Many schools were still stuck in the old, paper based manual method of managing their school processes. Academic report cards were manually prepared using paper and pen, this proved to be a very inefficient, time consuming, lot of errors occurred and it took teachers time away from teaching.

Schools were also having a challenge of properly managing their school bookshops/library, each year they will lose thousands of Emalangeni’s replacing lost school books. School finances were also a problem to manage as finance clerks used excel systems or at worst a manual paper based recording system.


EWorld Technology developed a school management system which includes a suite of

  • Academic report software
  • Bookshop/books rental management software
  • School finances management software
  • Records all student information
  • Teacher upload student grades into systems
  • Calculates customized reports according to your schools grading criteria
  • Can grade students according to subject or/and class
  • Compiles scoresheets for mark-reading exercise
  • All student information, scores, reports are stored & can be retrieved anytime needed.


  • Manage account receivables, payables
  • Track school’s income and expenditure
  • Generates Ledger reports quickly
  • Make budgets with ease
  • Cash management – Manage multiple accounts and make payment adjustments, account activity and bank reconciliation with ease
  • Purchase orders and Invoicing
  • Manage & track books rented, borrowed to students.
  • The system allows you to create a database of every-book in your inventory, issues books electronically to students
  • Monitor books circulation, books borrowed and tracks books returned


The Solution helped to improve the quality and efficiency of schools enabling schools to concentrate on improving the quality of education it offers to learners.

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